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Enrico Ghiorzi

Affiliated Researcher
Humanoid Sensing and Perception
Research center
All Publications
Femic B., Ghiorzi E.
Internalization and enrichment via spans and matrices in a tricategory
Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, vol. 58, (no. 2), pp. 465-518
Article Journal
Ghiorzi E., Colledanchise M., Piquet G., Bernagozzi S., Tacchella A., Natale L.
Learning Linear Temporal Properties for Autonomous Robotic Systems
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 8, (no. 5), pp. 2930-2937
Article Journal
Ghiorzi E.
Internal Enriched Categories
Applied Categorical Structures, vol. 30, (no. 5), pp. 947-968